Jae Crowder 22 Points Full Highlights (2/23/2019)

Man, for a second there it looked like Jae Crowder and… Dorian Finney-Smith??? (let me check I may be misremembering nope it was DFS) were going to throw down right there on the court. But then it was a whole lot of nothing. Come on. We know how hard-edged Crowder is, how he always looks like he wants to fight, and then he gets a shove from Finney-Smith and just walks away without even looking back (alright maybe he looked back a little bit)? Utah must be rubbing off on him, in years past he would’ve at least gotten in the guy’s face before teammates separated them.

This isn’t even enough of a fight where I can put “/1 Fight” in the video title. Which sucks for me and my ever-present desire for higher and more prestigious view counts, because if there’s anything I know about the viewing habits of NBA fans, it’s that they love seeing fights. It’s like a primal thing. And if I can show in the video title that there will be a fight, the views go way up. People can’t help but watch.

You will have to settle for no fights but 22 points in this one. If you even decide to watch it, which you won’t, because NO ONE gives a hoot about Crowder, not now, not ever. I think, maybe, Celtics fans like him. If you’re out there, Celtics fans (which, again, you aren’t because you just got booty-blasted by the Bulls), please try to remember how much you liked Crowder and then watch this video. It would mean a lot to me for this one to get over 50 views.

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