Jae Crowder 18 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (10/31/2018)

Jae Crowder is a theoretical 6MOTY of the Year candidate given that he never starts games but still gets around thirty minutes of on-court action. The only problem is, thirteen points per game isn’t really going to do it when the voters are only looking for the brainless chucker who chucked the most brainless shots.

So if Crowder is serious about snagging this hardware for himself, he’s going to have to up his volume. A lot. Nine field goal attempts per game? That’s gonna need to double. Sure, his efficiency might take a hit, the team will do worse, and his teammates will hate him, but the Jazz’s ceiling is like a second-round exit anyway. Maybe conference finals if they get super lucky. So why not forget about all that garbage and just have Crowder gun for this award?

I swear, sometimes it seems like players don’t know what their priorities should be. If some rando YouTube guy like myself knows more about your priorities than you do, you screwed up somewhere.

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