C.J. Miles 22 Points Full Highlights (11/1/2013)

Listening to Austin Carr do commentary is like listening to the chatter of fifteen nursing-home patients watching basketball on the common-room TV. He might understand the game, but nothing that comes out of his mouth makes any sense. If he was a radio commentator, you would not have any idea what was going on in the game.

And Cavs fans love him. I suppose, after being bent over by LeBron James and insulted with a succession of thirty-win teams, they simply enjoy being abused.

The Cavs suck. Cleveland as a city also sucks. 500,000 people have fled the city since its peak in 1950. Tristan Thompson has no offensive game. Dion Waiters is a chucker who probably also has herpes. Kyrie Irving will leave just like LeBron did once he realizes what a festering, decayed franchise the Cavs are. Anthony Bennett is a bust, and not only that, he is fat as well. Anderson Varejao has stupid hair. Girls from Ohio are commonly regarded to be among the ugliest in the world. Cincinnati-style chili is terrible, but I bet if they tried to make Cleveland-style chili, it would be even worse.

Did you enjoy that? I bet you did, you perverts.

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