Wesley Matthews 21 Points Full Highlights (11/9/2013)

Last time I made a Wes Matthews highlight video I ended up getting a comment on it a few months later that intrigued me.

“Like if your a laker fan!!!”

Typical Lakers’ fan, not knowing the difference between Wes Johnson and Wes Matthews. Here’s a hint for those still confused: Wes Matthews is actually good and not a total bust. Hard to be a bust if you went undrafted, after all.

So if “your a Laker fan”, consider yourself empowered to like this video. Like it because you enjoy the thought of Matthews playing on your team, draining triple after Nash-fed triple. Like it because a Matthews-containing Lakers team would surely win a chip, if not multiple chips. Like it because Kobe wants you to, and you, as a Laker fan, are so totally brainwashed by Kobe-fandom that you will do whatever he pleases.

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