Trevor Ariza 27 Points Full Highlights (11/12/2013)

“Hey, Trevor, excited for the new XBox that’s coming out? I already got my preorder in.”

“Naw man, I’m holding out for the PS4. I hear it’s gonna be tight. Graphics so good they’ll make your mind explode. While you’re playing with your little kiddy console in 720p I’m gonna be quickscoping noobs in glorious 1080p.”

“Wow, Trevor Ariza, a Sony fanboy, who would’ve guessed? You can throw around all the fancy techno-babble you want, but the fact remains that the XBox One will be the superior console of its generation, just like last gen.”

“Maynor, my mayne man, you gotta quit suckin’ that Microsoft dong. The leading tech sites agree, the PS4 is gonna far outclass the XBone in all areas. We got way too many hertzes and flopses and CPU cycles for you bitches to handle.”

“Everyone and their momma knows that you can’t really tell the difference between 720 and 1080. It’s not like you gonna be looking at the screen with a magnifying glass, you know. Although I guess a casual gamer like yourself would…”

“What you call me?”

“I called you a casual gamer. You rather play Candy Crush on your iPhone than…”

“You fittin’ to get yo ass kicked, you Micro-bitch?”

“Let’s go, Sony-loser!”

“Hey guys, cool out! What’s going on here?”

“Stay out of this, Marcin, just two men talking about the upcoming consoles.”

“Oh, yeah, I don’t really pay attention to those crappy little toys. I can do all the gaming I want on my computer that I built myself. Pretty cheap too, only like $700 dollars and it can play all the new stuff on max. I don’t even have to pay extra to play online, hell, I don’t even have to pay for games if I don’t want to! I don’t see why anyone who considers themselves a gamer would…”

“Hey Eric, how bout we kick this guy’s ass instead?”

“Sounds cool to me.”

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