DeJuan Blair 18 Points Full Highlights (11/16/2013)

So apparently “Hack-a-Blair” is a thing now. The Magic just tried it twice. I don’t know if teams will be doing it on a regular basis, though, since he made 3 out of his 4 well-earned attempts. I’m not really against the whole “hacking” idea. Especially if it’s done against Lou Amundson. Holy crap, does that guy suck at free throws. Shame him until he can shoot them better.

Something does need to be done, however, about Blair’s insatiable appetite for taking floaters. Those things are never a good shot. They are the last resort of a nonathletic player who can’t get a shot off any other way. It doesn’t help that he’s the size of a small forward with the game of a center. I guess the traditional “be taller than everyone else” strategy doesn’t really work for him.

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