Ryan Anderson 26 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (11/16/2013)

You know that trade rumor that’s been floating around for months, where Ryan Anderson gets traded for Omer Asik? I don’t normally comment on trades because I don’t really understand the CBA, but I am offering to you my unfiltered opinion of that trade idea.

It is horsey crap.

Why would the Pelicans need Asik? He sucks. I don’t care that he’s a great defender. You can find offensively challenged defending only big men everywhere. Hell, the Pelicans already have Stiemsma. Ryan Anderson is a rare commodity; a guy who can shoot seemingly unlimited amounts of threes without any loss of efficiency.

The Rockets sure are entitled these days. They already got Dwight Howard. They seem to think that they can just trade their crap for other team’s non-crap. Next they’ll suggest that Donatas Motiejunas for Ersan Ilyasova is a fair deal.

This is all hypothetical, though, because Anderson is too important for the long-term success of the Pelicans to be traded, despite the rumors no doubt seeded by the Houston front office.

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