Jordan Hill Career High 24 Points/17 Rebounds Full Highlights (11/17/2013)

You always hear reports of so-and-so player taking thousands of jumpers a day during the off season, with promises that their mid-range or three-point game will be much improved.

Jordan Hill is one of those players.

And you know what? I can’t really tell any difference at all. He can make them, sure. He’s always kind of been able to make them. Though I guess it’s better than spending the summer doing that pro-am crap.

But if he ever does find a consistent mid-range game, he can be a 20 ppg scorer in the league. Is that maybe a little hasty considering his career high is only 24? Perhaps. But every time I say something negative about a player everyone gets all pissed off so I’m trying this new thing called “optimism”. This same “optimism” is the reason I haven’t called him a bust yet even though I really want to. Let’s settle on “somewhat of a disappointment considering his draft position”. Man, this optimism stuff is great!

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