Evan Fournier 12 Points Full Highlights (11/18/2013)

The new Nuggets GM needs to take some classes in roster construction at his local community college. They have 4 point guards who I would consider starter quality, Fournier, Robinson, Miller and Lawson. Sure, Robinson’s more like a midget shooting guard but still. That’s too many. Surely they could trade one to the Jazz or something? I’d love to see Fourner-Gobert alley-oops. Better yet they could trade Miller. Andre on the Jazz would give them the stabilizing, veteran presence they need while executing their tank.

Anyway, the excess of riches at the point has meant that Fournier hasn’t gotten to live up to the promise he showed at the end of last year. Who cares if he sucked in the playoffs? Every rookie sucks in the playoffs. He needs minutes. Lots of minutes. Play him at shooting guard too. Force feed him minutes until he complains to the media that 48 minutes a night is maybe too many. We want Fournier!

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