Omri Casspi 16 Points Full Highlights (11/29/2013)

Here’s a question for you to turn over in your mind: does Omri Casspi ever have good performances while the game is close? It seems like every time he’s done good the margin while he was doing it was pretty high. It’s like he can only perform when there’s no pressure on his shoulders.

He should see a sports psychologist or something. (Side notes: firstly, why is there such a thing as a “sports psychologist”? Secondly, how do I become one?) Anyway, I could be totally totally wrong on this. I don’t feel like going back and looking at box scores so I’m just relaying what I think I’ve observed.

And observing the Rockets play basketball beats the crap out of observing the Bucks “play basketball”, that’s for damn sure.

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