Wes Johnson 27 Points Full Highlights (11/29/2013)

I am disappointed in the internet.

More than usual, I mean. If the internet is good for one thing it’s making me despair in new and innovative ways. But the reason for my disapproval today is this: I realized I have not seen a single joke based on the fact that the Wesley’s surname, “Johnson”, is also a slang term for the male organ.

This needs to change. I cannot be the one to do this. Some brave soul must sacrifice his pride for the well-being of the weberverse

The joke could revolve around the fact that Wes likes to put said organ in his mouth. It could pertain to his mother’s possession of said organ. Perhaps the quality of Mr. Johnson’s play could be said to resemble said organ. These are just examples, templates for the creation of such a jest.

The creator of a successful implementation of this concept will be rewarded with internet immortality.

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