Nikola Pekovic 30 Points Full Highlights (12/18/2013)

Does anyone ever question Nikola Pekovic as to why he has a crusader standing over a pile of skulls tattooed on his arm? I bet not. Would you? I definitely wouldn’t. If he even detected the slightest hint of criticism or disapproval he would probably yell “Advance upon Jaffa! Redeem Ascalon! Defeat the Muslim intruders!” and add my cranium to his pile.

Which would be a similar fate to the one Robin Lopez met tonight, as he got handily dismantled, and then decapitated, by the Montenegrin Crusader. You can tell his skull apart from the other because it still has his popcorn hair attached to it. The luckier Meyers Leonard only escaped with his head because he didn’t actually try defending, as usual.

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