Austin Daye 22 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (3/24/2014)

Oh great. Just what the Spurs needed. Another really good bench player picked up for nothing from another team. There may have been some doubt before as to how many games they would win the finals in. Now that number certainly is four.

Who is this great bench player? Jeff Ayres of course!

Hold on. Wait. Mixed up my notecards again. Frickin’ archaic technology. Okay. Here we are. Austin Daye!

I’m surprised too. After a promising start with the Pistons, Daye has fallen off the earth and floated to the Kuiper Belt. He didn’t do anything at all with the Raptors, despite the excitement of Raptors fans when they acquired him. I was excited too; the concept of a 6-11 stick-figure shooting guard is intriguing. And up until now he hasn’t done anything with the Spurs either. I think maybe he’s hit one shot for them. (basketball-reference proves me wrong again. It’s two.)

I know, I know. It’s the 76ers. Any stats accumulated against them shouldn’t really count. But they do. And Austin accumulated 22 points and 6 (wide open) threes in his first major action in forever. Next step: accumulate some goddamn milkshakes or protein bars. Holy crap.

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