Bojan Bogdanovic 12 Points/1 Dunk Full Highlights (11/3/2014)

Is Bogdanovic like a super common last name in the former Yugoslav republics? Or is it just a coincidence that there’s another dude who the Suns drafted named Bogdan Bogdanovic? (John Johnson was an All-Star) Or are they the same person? It’s really hard to tell, the only evidence I have is that some Euro-looking dude is currently playing for the Nets who isn’t Mirza Teletovic.

Whoever this dude ends up being, he did some good stuff tonight. He can dunk! If anyone ever says “this Bojan character is good but can he even dunk?”, you can direct them to this video. He can also shoot threes. You know who else could dunk and shoot threes? MJ.

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