Ben McLemore 17 Points Full Highlights (11/11/2014)

Two good games in a row for Ben McLemore? Has that ever happened before? I looked at basketball-reference and it turns out that he has. A bunch of times. Maybe this dude isn’t as bad as I thought?

On the other hand, the Kings are, as they say, “Who we thought they were”. They just gave up a huge lead to the Mavericks, and will probably fall out of the playoff picture in a month or two. DeMarcus Cousins is beasting, Ben McLemore might not be horrible garbage, but they still have Derbrick Williams and Nik Sucksass.

Also they waived Sim Bhullar, which I just can’t get over. Who cares if he was not an NBA player, when you’re a team like the Kings you need to sign novelty acts to keep fans engaged.

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