Shabazz Napier 11 Points Full Highlights (11/17/2014)

I am not a very qualified person to write this description. I know very little of this enigmatic “Shabazz” character. The Heat drafted him so that LeBron would stick around, and we know how that worked out, so in his first major task Napier failed miserably. That’s not a good portent.

Other than that tidbit above, my mind is a blank slate when it comes to Shab-wow. That being the case, I’ve got a proposition for you guys. I will take the first 10 comments on this video and use them as the entirety of my knowledge on him. So if you say “He sux Sha-ballz”, that will color my perception of him forever. Similarly if you say “Shabazz Napier is impressing me, definitely better than Cole and Chalmers, he’ll be the starter by January”. Be wise, internet commentators; for perhaps the first time your words will effect some change in the world.

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