Aron Baynes 10 Points/2 Dunks Full Highlights (11/24/2014)

Aron “Baynes Bus” Baynes dunked it twice in this video, but you would hardly know that he did, because the Spurs video crew failed to show a replay of either one. I think their priorities might be a little messed up over there. When an Australian guy dunks it, you know that the Australians are going to want to see it again. There should really just be a little inset in the bottom-right corner where they just show all the dunks that ever occurred in the game on repeat. That way, if everybody’s just standing around waiting for free throws, you can tune in to Aron Baynes throwing down Baynger Bashes.

Why don’t we take it one step further? There should be a whole channel on TV just for dunks. No morons talking (other than the original commentators), no ads, no jumpshots, just some driving orchestral rock in the background and endless dunks in the foreground. I would honestly watch a channel like that for thirty-forty minutes every single day.

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