Andre Drummond 23 Points/9 Dunks Full Highlights (11/25/2014)

Andre Drummond has had a slow start to the year, a troubling development for Pistons fans who lean on Andre as their only young player who is any good. The culprit is easy to spot; Stan Van Gundy is trying to turn Andre into Dwight Howard, wins and stats be damned. It’s a good idea in theory. Who doesn’t want another Dwight? In practice, it means that Drummond doesn’t always get to play to his strengths, which is catching lobs and grabbing rebounds.

Notice that he didn’t make any shots from the post this game. It was all dunks, except for one tipped lob and one tipped rebound. The Pistons went back to what they did last year with Andre; run pick-and-rolls and let him dunk the damn thing.

I don’t know what the record is for most dunks in a game by a single player is, but there is video evidence on YouTube of David Robinson dunking it twelve times in a single game, so its safe to say that this isn’t it. Still, nine dunks is a lot. I thought Sanders was supposed to be a good defender?

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