Alonzo Gee 14 Points/2 Dunks Full Highlights (12/7/2014)

Alonzo “Geesus” Gee, as recently as two years ago, started all 82 games for the Cavaliers. The mere thought of it wrecks my head. The Geesus is good for energy and dunks off the bench, but the Cavs that year must have been suffering for SF’s if they played him thirty minutes per game.

But the head-wreckage that ensues when thinking about The Geesus as a starter is nothing compared to how much I lose it when I try to think about what would exist if the universe wasn’t there. I mean, I know matter wouldn’t be around to observe and there wouldn’t be any particles. But would there even be empty space? Does space exist if there is nothing to fill it? Every time I try to comprehend this, I get this weird sensation in my brain like the knowledge has been purposely locked away. The only solace that I can find is that, if nothing existed, there would be nobody around who gave a crap. But then, the prospect of an eternity of absolutely nothing, ever, EVER, rears its head again and I have to put my head in between my knees. Do you know how long an eternity is? It’s FOREVER.

Gee should be glad he can dunk, because he could just as easily not exist.

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