Chase Budinger 19 Points Full Highlights (12/19/2014)

Usually my made-up nicknames for players are stated in jest. However, Chase Budinger’s nickname “Chasetity Belt” is proclaimed straight-faced and without humorous intent. This is because Chase Budinger’s play with the Timberwolves is much like wearing a chastity belt against one’s will.

Chase is not aggressive at all, in much the same way that a man wearing a chastity belt loses his sexual primacy. Chase regularly fails to seize the few opportunities given to him, much like a chastity-belt-wearing man can no longer take advantage of willing females in his area, given that he is wearing a metal cage around his equipment.

Teammates on the Wolves regularly dominate Chase in ways that are similar to a female dominating a man with erotic denial. That is not to say that the atmosphere in the Wolves locker room is sexually charged; I am merely pointing out that Chase is of meek and spineless character and is regularly put down by his more muscular teammates. They deny him respect in a way that parallels the chastity belt victim’s denial of arousal.

Chase also runs like he has something clamped to his junk. Watching him approach that dunk with his short, shuffling steps made me wince. Maybe his girlfriend is into really weird stuff?

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