Andrew Wiggins 22 Points Full Highlights (12/26/2014)

“Now that’s the good news in this game is that even though Minnesota hasn’t played particularly well Andrew Wiggins has played great”

That’s what Timberwolves fans have to deal with this year. Oh, your team really sucks and is almost no fun to watch because all the young talent is inconsistent, but hey sometimes Andrew Wiggins whose ceiling is Corey Brewer 2.0 has a good game to make you forget about the pain!

Alright, maybe I’m being a little harsh with the Brewmaster comparison. We can bump his ceiling up a little bit. Maybe… LeBron 0.5? That’s pretty good, I’d say, half a LeBron would definitely be an All-Star a bunch of times.

Wiggins has the tools to be a good player right now. His jumpshot is smooth and his athleticism is almost unparalleled. He still looks like a baby deer right now, trying to figure everything out, but by this time next year he’ll be pretty good. Hopefully. I might have said the same thing about Anthony Bennett and look what happened.

Editor’s note: that weird clip around 2:15 is actually a made basket by Wiggins that the Wolves crew didn’t feel like showing. Sorry.

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