Troy Daniels 14 Points/4 Threes Full Highlights (12/27/2014)

Thanks to the Warriors’ TV crew, we have no image suitable for a video thumbnail. I had to take matters into my own hands.I think it turned out pretty good.

Stephen Curry is looking so sad because he just witnessed Troy Daniels hit 4 treys, and he knows his time as “best shooter in the league” is coming to a close. Daniels is still fighting for minutes, but once he gets them, look out. He has no conscience when it comes to shooting. Stephen has to worry about “distributing” and “playing a team game”. Troy has no such worries; the only reason he’s in the league at all is his prodigious three-point shooting ability.

The Timberwolves are so bad right now that there is no reason he can’t get at least 20 minutes per game. Is there some other scoring guard on their roster that I’m missing? No. Give him the minutes.

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