Jrue Holiday 21 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (12/30/2014)

The Pelicans are making me look stupid. I keep saying that they’re a dark horse for the WCF, but they’re always hovering around .500 and they’re going to be lucky to sneak into the playoffs. What needs to happen is for Anthony Davis to break out even further than he has already broken. It would also be cool if Jrue could take the next step instead of just being a “pretty good” point guard in a conference that is stacked like pancakes in that position.

From now on I’m not making bold predictions. Next year I’ll just play it safe and say “The Pelicans will win the Finals in five against the Wizards on the back of Anthony Davis’ second consecutive MVP season and Wes Matthews’ twenty-five per game in the regular season.” If I just stick with easy predictions like that, I can’t miss.

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