Rudy Gobert 15 Points/24 Rebounds Full Highlights (3/3/2015)

For players other than DeAndre Jordan, 24 rebounds is a heck of a lot. 0 blocks, on the other hand, is not very many for anybody except JJ Barea.

Rudy Gobert has been building up to performances like this for a while. It took Enes Kanter getting packed up in a shipping crate and sent to OKC for him to really solidify the starting job and the minutes associated with it. Is it any coincidence that the Jazz have a good record since the All-Star break?

It probably is.

That doesn’t mean Gobert isn’t awesome, though. I’ve been singing this guy’s virtues for a long time, and now other people are noticing. Will this work for other players? Let’s find out: I think people are really sleeping on Tyler Ennis, he’s going to be such a beast once he figures this whole NBA thing out.

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