Andrea Bargnani 25 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (4/5/2015)

Andrea Bargnani is many things: Italian, Tall, Lover of Primo Pasta and Sauce, Jump-Shooter. These adjectives all describe various aspects of his identity. And after tonight, we can add another descriptor to the ever-growing list: “Elite Rim-Protector”.

I’m gonna be honest, when I saw he had four blocks in the box-score, I thought they were all going to be of questionable quality. Maybe one legit denial with a couple strips and a total misattribution to top it all off. How silly of me. This video will stand as an immortal testament to how wrong I can sometimes be.

25 points is secondary to the defense on display, honestly. I thought about showing just the blocks, and maybe I should have done it. The jumpers just bloat the highlights to an unnecessary length and distract from the real meat of the vid.

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