Enes Kanter 25 Points Full Highlights (4/15/2015)

Enes Kanter stood outside the door of apartment 212. He had come here to Salt Lake City all the way from Oklahoma, and now he was too chicken to even knock on the door. The girl he loved was behind that door, he knew it. But what if things had changed? What if things weren’t the same?

Shaking his head, Enes reminded himself of the love that they had combined to create. That love had been real and eternal. So, raising his hand, he knocked on the door.

A few moments passed and the door was not opened. So, he knocked again, and this time, he waited thirty seconds. Still, nobody came to greet him. But her car had been in the parking lot, so she had to be in there. Growing frustrated, he knocked one more time, yelling “let me in!”

Again, there was no response, so, in a rage, Enes slammed the doorknob with his foot. It broke clean away, causing the door to swing open easily. When the scene in the living room was revealed, Enes couldn’t believe his eyes.

Rudy Gobert, naked as the day he was born, was on top of Jesseca. Pounding her.

“NOOO!” Enes yelled, running towards the couch where they were copulating. “Jesseca? How could you do this to me?” He roughly grabbed Rudy around the chest and threw him to the ground. “WHAT WE SHARED WAS SPECIAL!”

“You psycho! What are you doing?” Jesseca wailed, using a throw pillow to cover herself. “That’s my boyfriend you’re messing with!”

Rudy stood in silence, looking a little amused and not at all apologetic. Enes’ rage turned to confusion. “Boyfriend?”

“Yeah, boyfriend! Something you never were!” Jesseca screamed.

“I understand,” Enes said sadly, hoping that the visible breaking of his heart would soften Jesseca’s anger towards him. “Jesseca like Rudy now. Rudy is darling of NBA, and there no longer place in cheerleader Jesseca’s heart for a nobody like Enes.”

“Get out now before I call the cops, you freak,” Jesseca commanded, pointing at the broken door. “I hope I never see you again.”

Enes trudged sadly towards the door with one last look at a smirking Rudy, who was still totally naked. As he walked down the hallway of the apartment complex, he could hear Rudy and Jesseca resume their love-making.

Now standing outside in the rainy Utah night, Enes knew that his heart could never feel love again.

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