Corey Brewer 23 Points Full Highlights (3/6/2016)

Everyone has a different theory as to why the Houston Rockets aren’t performing up to expectations. James Harden this, Dwight Howard that, Sam Dekker the other thing. Blah blah blah. Those players may have some responsibility for their team’s current dire situation, but they don’t shoulder anywhere near a majority of it. No, the real culprit is, you guessed it:

Corey Brewer.

Think of it this way. If Corey Brewer was a 30ppg scorer, would the Rockets be as mediocre as they are? Obviously not. A team with Harden and another nightly 30 point threat would be an excellent team for sure. But Corey Brewer doesn’t average 30. Not even close. Thus, it is his fault that the Rockets are in danger of missing the playoffs. Nobody is talking about it, but when Corey fails to score 30 in even one of his games this year, people will start to notice, and they will be angry.

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