Andrew Wiggins 25 Points Full Highlights (3/7/2016)

Andrew Wiggins is what would happen if you tried to make a player that could average 20 points while having as little impact on the rest of the game as possible. He doesn’t rebound much for a guy with his hops, he doesn’t pass well, and he’s okay at best on defense. He scores. That’s it. Sometimes he dunks with flair, but dunks with flair are worth the same as Joakim Noah’s no-jump layups.

It may sound like I am hating. And maybe I am, a little bit. Totally one-dimensional scorers are not in very high demand around the league anymore, and he needs to improve in at least one of the above areas (or just turn into an absolute T-Mac-esque scoring monster) if he wants to carve out a great career for himself.

At the same time, I’m getting some rookie-year Kevin Durant vibes from Wiggins’ play this year, and we all saw how that dude turned out.

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