Jarell Martin 16 Points Full Highlights (3/9/2016)

Your basketball intelligence has always been inferior to mine. However much you think you may know about the NBA, DownToBuck knows more. No need to feel bad about it. That would be like feeling bad because you don’t understand physics as well as Einstein did.

My superiority over you now grows, somehow, even greater. I have been granted awareness of the arcane secrets pertaining to the differences between Jarell Martin and Jarell Eddie, a piece of knowledge that even the most sage of NBA scholars would have trouble holding in their minds. The differences between the two players are subtle, I must admit, and I struggled for a long time before separating the two in my mind. Even though you have no hope of grasping their nuances, I will share with you some of this insight: Jarell Martin is kind of chubby. Jarell Eddie, on the other hand, kind of looks like an alien.

If you wish, you can view my Eddie highlights after watching these Martin highlights. I don’t expect it will make much difference, though; for you, it will be like watching two consecutive Michael Jordan vids.

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