Miles Plumlee 18 Points Full Highlights (3/9/2016)

I must say, I’m pretty pleased with how Miles Plumlee is performing recently for the Bucks. I had seen him do good things for Phoenix, but those were all highlights, which don’t tell the full story. More of the story on The Plumlord was provided by Suns fans in the form of angry gargling noises, mutterings of “hook shot” while convulsing, and occasional flashes of lucidity marked by earnest praises to the gods for trading him away.

My expectations were not high.

Turns out, Miles is totally acceptable if you just don’t expect anything from him at all. Every time he makes one of his baby hooks I grin ear-to-ear. I think he dunked it more times in the last week than Greg Monroe has for the whole season. Plus, He looks like a lumberjack, a lumberjack who pretty much cut Hassan Whiteside off at the ankles and made him tumble over like a majestic redwood falling to the forest floor. Or something.

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