Josh Richardson 22 Points Full Highlights (3/11/2016)

Move over Jason Richardson! There’s a new J-Rich in town and he can also shoot threes! And dunk!

Okay, so Jason Richardson has already moved over. In fact, he has done more than simply moved over. He has died. He is dead. No more Jason Richardson. So there is currently no competition for being the league’s “J-Rich”. That means Josh Richardson inherits the title by default, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s kind of like if the Bucks were NBA champions because every other team defected from the NBA to form a different league.

This video is objectively rad, but it’s missing Eric Reid’s “KABOOM”s to push it over the top. Stacey King getting depressed about the Bulls sucking is pretty entertaining, I must admit, but Eric Reid yelling “KABOOM!” while the other guy says “oh man” over and over, that would be even better.

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