Shelvin Mack Career High 27 Points Full Highlights (3/11/2016)

We’ve already determined that the Utah Jazz have a bunch of players they can build around, commonly called a “core”. A core is what the Utah Jazz have. No doubt about it. As I said, it’s already been determined by experts.

It is not all set in stone. Sometimes players must be added to cores. That is the case with Utah. They have a core, and now they have CORE PLUS ONE. That PLUS ONE is Shelvin Mack. Yes. He is now a part of the core of the Utah Jazz. Scoring 27 points is automatic inclusion. No way around it. He is too talented to not be part of the core.

But now the core has too many players. One of the rules of cores is that they can’t have too many players, and Shelvin brings them one over the limit. Someone must be excised. That someone is Tibor Pleiss. He is no longer part of the core. CORE MINUS ONE. Sad, but as he is the least valuable core component, it must be done.

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