Marreese Speights 25 Points Full Highlights (3/12/2016)

What happened to the Maarreeesseeee Speights of last season? I remember being pissed that he kept having good games and I kept having to do highlights; now it’s an exciting occurrence if he even scores 12. I want to make fun of that thing on his head, god dammit. Is that why he’s not playing well? Because he knows that if he does I’ll make fun of his alien-transmissions-receiver?

Per 36 he’s not actually doing that much worse than last season, scoring-wise. He’s just being really inefficient, even with the addition of a three-point shot. That, and the fact that he might be the biggest chucker on the team (which would be quite an accomplishment on a squad with Stephen Curry on it), means he gets yanked pretty quickly when things go south for his lineup. Which is surprisingly often, considering how dominant the Warriors are.

Alright, done hating on poor Speighetti. He looked good this game! He was taking the same overconfident swaggy shots, but they were going in instead of out. If he can offer more of this in the upcoming games, maybe Golden State won’t have to really solely on Curry like they have been for the past month.

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