Bojan Bogdanovic Career High 44 Points Full Highlights (3/15/2016)

Damn. 44 points by Bojan Bogdanovic? Such a thing should not be possible, yet here we are, witnessing the feat with our very eyes. If I didn’t myself compile these highlights, I would choose to believe that the boxscore was lying to me rather than accept a reality where Bojangles put up a 40-burger. But however great his performance tonight was, it does, sadly, come with a few asterisks:

Asterisk 1: Did it while playing against the 76ers, who are a horrible team.
Asterisk 2: Did it while playing for the Nets, who are a horrible team.
Asterisk 3: Kendall Marshall was defending him for part of it.
Asterisk 4: Renders all of my previous Bojan highlights totally irrelevant, which makes me mad. I spent a lot of time on those things and no one will ever watch them again.
Asterisk 5: Performance occurred in one of the pussiest eras of the NBA. Would the Bad Boy Pistons have let this happen? I think not.
Asterisk 6: Everyone knows regular season stats don’t mean anything.
Asterisk 7: He was stat-padding from the very beginning, taking AND making shots like he was some sort of offensive threat.
Asterisk 8: A performance adorned with so many asterisks deserves another just for that reason.
Asterisk 9: See Asterisk 8.
Asterisk 10: Asterisks are like little twinkling stars.
Asterisk 11: You could make a god-damn constellation out of all these asterisks for real.
Asterisk 12: Call the constellation “Bojangles”.
Asterisk 13: He’s Croatian.

So the final entry into the “Big Book of NBA Occurrences” will look something like this: “On March 15, 2016, Bojan Bogdanovic of the Brooklyn Nets scored 44 points*************”.

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