Tim Frazier 14 Points/9 Assists Pelicans Debut Full Highlights (3/16/2016)

When one searches for “Tim Frazier” on YouTube, one finds that most of the results are D-League highlights uploaded by the official NBA D-League channel. That’s cool, I guess. There can never be enough highlights, right?

Right. I read an article somewhat recently that detailed one of the NBA’s new projects: automatic highlight compilation. And I’m pretty sure that these Tim Frazier vids are a result of that experiment. Why do I say that? Because these highlights blow frickin’ chunks. They’re either made by an algorithm or made by the laziest, most apathetic unpaid intern ever. They’re not even full highlights! It’s like a random selection of plays that he participated in.

The viewing public knows that these vids suck, too. When one of my vids ends up at under a thousand views, that means that the performance wasn’t notable enough or the player is just totally unloved. The D-League, however, some of their highlights’ view counts can be measured in the tens. I guess if you don’t actually have a human involved in the process, you can upload as much garbage as you want without consequence, but that doesn’t mean people are gonna watch it.

What I’m trying to say is, D-League, if you want to up your highlight game to new levels, you know who to contact.

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