C.J. McCollum 26 Points Full Highlights (3/17/2016)

Anyone else miss Stephen Curry’s midrange game? It’s rad as heck to see him bomb threes the way he does, but damn. Where did it go? There was a reason everyone loved MJ so much. It was because he had mastered the art of splashing midrange jumpers in everyone’s faces.

Fear not, midrange fans! Even though the league MVP decided to remove that aspect from his game, we still have C.J. McCollum holding the midrange-torch high! That must be part of the reason why I like this dude so much. He has a nice, varied scoring game, attacking the defense in every way. Except for lob dunks, or really any kind of dunks. Or post moves. But everything a guard is expected to do, he does, and does well.

I know this pairing with Damian Lillard is working out great, but maybe he needs a team of his own? Just throwing it out there.

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