Dante Cunningham 19 Points Full Highlights (3/20/2016)

Knowing that Anthony Davis is out for the rest of the season, I probably shouldn’t have even made this video. Dante “Crafty Pork” Cunningham will probably drop in 22 in the very next game and this video will be made obsolete before it ever gets off the ground. Even with Ryan Anderson coming back from a minor injury, there’s still not enough big bodies down there in New Orleans. You basically can’t play Kendrick Perkins (sucks) or Alexis Ajinca (unfairly held down). Asik sucks too, although he might or might not get a highlight video after I’m done writing the description for this one.

Cunningham will likely get mangled if he has to play any center, but I’m seeing some small forward in his future to compensate for the total non-factor-ness of Alonzo Gee. If that happens, prepare for jumpers.

I can’t believe I thought the Pelicans were a dark horse candidate for the Western Conference Finals. That just looks so dumb right now. Damn it.

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