Salah Mejri 13 Points/6 Blocks Full Highlights (3/20/2016)

Let’s just ignore the two free throws that Salah Mejri missed that would have put the Mavericks up with 13 seconds to go. They didn’t happen. As these highlights will show you, Mejri only did good things tonight. Besides, now Dirk has 40. He wouldn’t have had 40 if those foul shots had gone in.

I have been waiting for The Tunisian Tower to break out ever since JaVale McGee got injured (lol actually he just sucks nvm). His minutes haven’t gone up as much as I hoped, since they got David Lee, and I was beginning to worry that he’d be the forgotten bigman in Dallas’ rotation.

Turns out, Zaza Pachulia’s age is really catching up with him, and he can’t play the minutes that he used to, and when he does play, he still can’t jump. Enter Mejri. He can jump, he can dunk, he can block shots, and, uh, he can dunk again. Dunking is something that he does very well. Like a McGee without all the unforced errors.

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