Karl-Anthony Towns 26 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (3/23/2016)

Next phase of evolution for Karl-Anthony Towns: point-center?

Actually, let me rephrase that. Next phase of evolution for Karl-Anthony Towns: point-center. There we go. There is no question mark here. It is a statement of fact.

If it worked for Giannis, it can work for Karl-Anthony. Remember, this is the dude who won the skills challenge, as a rookie bigman. That implies some things about the nature of his game. Namely, that he has skills. Skills transferable to being the primary distributor on offense while being an anchor on defense. No, I am not overreacting to the Giannis-like Eurostep he performed at 2:00. I am simply stating facts.

We might need to wait until next year to see true point-KAT in action, unless someone wants to jaunt over to Minneapolis and smash Ricky Rubio’s knees with a billy club. Just saying.

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