Jusuf Nurkic 19 Points Full Highlights (3/27/2016)

You know how hard is to do Jusuf Nurkic highlights when you know for a FACT that there is a god-damn SPIDER in the vicinity of your workstation? I’ll tell you folks with all honesty: it’s frickin’ hard. Like, one second he (do spiders even have genders god they’re so creepy) is just chilling out on the wall behind my monitor. That’s cool. I can keep one eye on the screen and one eye on Mr. Spindly Legs. Not so bad, right? But then, my attention is diverted for just a little bit, like not even one whole second, and BAM he’s gone. Where did he go? I have no idea, and that’s the unsettling part. He could have skittered off onto my chair, or into my keyboard, or onto my leg, or ANYWHERE. He could be ANYWHERE, and I don’t know where, and I’m freaking out right now. He’s probably mad too, because I took a swipe at him earlier. WHY DID I DO THAT? JESUS. So now he’s out for vengeance, and I can’t even concentrate, because spiders can be super deadly. He was a little one, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t KILL me if he wanted to. DAMMIT.

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