Rodney Hood 30 Points/8 Threes Full Highlights (3/28/2016)

In a way, it seems kind of profound. Rodney Hood hits his 8th three of the half after crossing up Kobe Bryant (playing in his final game in Utah), who then proceeds to trot down the court and chuck up a half-hearted airball from behind the arc. There is some symbolism here, I just know it. It’s definitely there somewhere… damn. Can’t figure it out. Oh well.

Enough philosophizing. Instead, let’s all get angry that the Lakers’ suckitude cost Hood a 40-burger. If they were even halfway competent, he would have had 40 easily. Maybe even 50, depending on the situation. God damn. I’m angry! Angry at the Lakers, and also angry at Quin Snyder for not saying “screw it” and letting Hood run up the score a little bit. 13 threes wasn’t even out of the question, but no. No more fun allowed. Gotta be respectful. Puh-lease.

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