Enes Kanter 21 Points Full Highlights (11/18/2018)

So close to a 20-20 game for Enes Kanter. 1 rebound short, which is basically inexcusable, because rebounds are the easiest stat to accumulate. All he had to do was call a timeout, and use the stoppage in play to tell all his teammates that he was going to try really hard to get another rebound and emphasize that none of them were to grab any rebounds under any circumstances until he had the one he needed.

He did pick up another assist before the game ended, but according to the NBA, assists are not redeemable for rebounds.

He already has one 20-20 game this season, putting him in the cabal of elite centers who have one this year. Players like Drummond, Jokic, Towns, Whiteside, he’s right there with them when it comes to grabbing rebounds. He himself isn’t elite, but he’s in the conversation with players who are.

Actually, why shouldn’t we consider him elite at rebounding? He’s playing in the best league in the world and has been a top rebounder for years. He’s elite. Full stop. Elite like Joe Flacco.

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