Jason Smith 22 Points/2 Blocks Full Highlights (11/10/2013)

Remember the glory days of useless white centers back in the 80’s and 90’s? So many big men with no athleticism or ability. Sure, we have a few such players in today’s NBA: Spencer Hawes, Cole Aldrich, Joel Przybilla (RIP in peace), and Kelly Olynyk are just some of the white dudes who either can’t play at all or can only play a limited game. But back then, man, you could watch all-time great stiffs like Greg Ostertag get repeatedly abused night-in and night-out by superior opposing centers.

The whitest, plainest center in the NBA has to be Jason Smith. Even his name sounds white. His game is entirely based around an unstoppable midrange jumper. If teams bothered to close out on him, he would be totally useless, since he’s not really a threat to drive to the basket or make a fancy pass. I’m guessing the Suns figured, “we can probably withstand a 20-burger from that Smith guy as long as Anthony Davis doesn’t make Channing Frye into his personal butt-slave. Plus, it will be funny to watch Plumlee and Smith commit acts of white-on-white violence upon each other.”

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