Tristan Thompson 15 Points/3 Dunks Full Highlights (11/15/2014)

Tristan “Triscuits” Thompson is one of the players who lost out when the new big three united in Cleveland. Triscuits used to start and get big minutes; now Triscuits comes off the bench with lesser minutes.

By the way, are you hungry for some TRISCUITS brand snack cracker right now? I know I am.

However, the violent whupping that the Cavs perpetrated on the Hawks through the first two quarters guaranteed that Triscuits would get some extended run (Triscuits are tasty). He made the most of his time on the floor, throwing down three big dunks and also gently laying in a sorta-almost-dunk as well (so, 3.5 dunks total).

Thanks to contractual obligations with NABISCO Corp., I have to say “Triscuits” at least twelve times in this description. I’m at seven right now.

Triscuits triscuits triscuits triscuits. You want to buy Triscuits right now.

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