Ryan Hollins 15 Points? Full Highlights (11/28/2014)

Time for a thought exercise! Close your eyes and imagine JaVale McGee of the Denver Nuggets. If you are having troubles visualizing this, watch some highlights/lowlights on YouTube to aid in the conjuring. Also if you could stop thinking about tits for even a minute that would be great.

Okay! We’ve got JaVale firmly in mind. Now imagine that you have a block of clay, and you can make any kind of basketball player you want out of it. The next MJ, the next Bird, anything you want. What you decide, is that you want a worse version of JaVale. McGee 0.3, let’s say. He does most of the same stupid things, and has the same sort of crazy athleticism, but is worse in every facet of the game, so bad that even losing teams can hardly afford to give him any minutes at all. You carefully shape your clay, crafting an extraordinarily tall yet ugly man who sucks at basketball. Hideous facial hair adorns your nightmarish creation.

Great! Now you know how God felt when he created Ryan Hollins.

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