Gordon Hayward 25 Points Full Highlights (12/1/2014)

How do the Thanksgiving festivities of an NBA player compare to those of the average American meatbag? They probably don’t have the benefit of having the opportunity to eat with their families, which could be a good or bad thing (screw you uncle Steve why do you always have to ruin Thanksgiving?). I imagine that most of them spend the day playing video games and then heating up a microwavable turkey dinner for one. That sounds pretty good to me.

Especially in comparison to a normal citizen, who has to suffer the agonizing return to the ancestral homeland. Everyone watches football on the TV, thankful for a diversion to distract them from the fact that they all hate each other. Grandma is senile and burns the turkey. The cool relatives are all noticeably absent, and the main talkers at the dinner table won’t shut up about politics.

Yeah, I definitely take the NBA player’s version.

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