Luke Babbitt 12 Points/4 Threes Full Highlights (12/6/2014)

This always happens to me. Somebody starts getting hot at the beginning of the first quarter, and I start imagining how awesome the highlight video will be when they carry that hot performance through all four quarters. Babbitt had nine points in the first five minutes, paving the way for his first-ever 50-point game. Then they stopped feeding him, and the Babbers train went off the Babber tracks. He only ended up hitting one more three after that.

You may not have noticed, since I fixed it pretty quick, but I actually renamed my channel to “Pels Kitchen” last night. I also redid all my video thumbnails to have Sunglasses Babbitt instead of Sunglasses Ilyasova. And you don’t even want to know what I did with all my Bucks stuff.

Let’s just say that a charred, melted version of my vintage Moncrief jersey isn’t going to sell on eBay for very much. On the plus side, I now possess six crates of Babbitt bobbleheads that should fetch a pretty penny on the online auction site.

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