Jerome Jordan 12 Points/4 Dunks Full Highlights (12/8/2014)

I still remember vividly the 2010 NBA draft. Such excitement. Just like every draft, there were promises of superstardom at the top. Derrick Williams? Evan Turner? Ekpe Udoh? Surefire All-Stars. The Bucks lucked into Larry Sanders all the way at the 15th slot, and I was happy.

Despite the incredible talent at the top, there were some gems to be had in the second round. Darington Hobson, who once scored 13 PPG in my NBA2K Association Mode, tumbled down to #37. For most teams two such studs would be enough, but not the Bucks. They had another pick, and they were going to use it well.

Enter Jerome Jordan. Down he went. #41. #42. #43. Picks came and went as I held my breath. How could such a talented player, one who was likely waiting in the green room, go at #44? No one knows. When Stern announced that pick, I was joyous.

So imagine my despair when I find, later that evening, that Jordan had been traded to the Knicks. Not for anything good, not even another player, but merely for cash. That’s right: Jerome Jordan, traded so that the Bucks FO could have a few more donuts in their breakroom. Not only did they trade him, but they went on to draft and keep known fatass Tiny Gallon. My Bucks fandom has never, before or since, been tested as it was that night.

Vindication is mine. It may have taken a couple years, but Jerome is finally busting out for a team who appreciates his talents. Witness the dunks. Witness the block on Queen James herself. Think about what could have been.

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