Nik Stauskas 15 Points Full Highlights (12/8/2014)

Wow, a good game for Nik Stauskas! Double-figure scoring, it took him way less time than Anthony Bennett! In fact, this was such a nice performance that I will refrain from using my “Nik Sucksass” nickname for him, given that it does not currently describe the quality of his play.

Many have been waiting for such a game from the young Canadioid, including the Kings commentators. Nik’s struggles prior to tonight were obvious, though their cause was not. Was the problem that he’s not getting enough good looks? Is the game simply too fast right now? Does the harsh Sacramento air irritate his lungs compared to the clean, fresh Canadian air he was breathing before?

I blame it on the still-lingering curse that hovers always above the Kings organization. Nothing ever goes right for them, from rookie development to having playoff games rigged against them to developing viral meningitis. Man. Glad I’m a Bucks fan.

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