Erick Green 11 Points/3 Assists/1 Buzzer Beater Full Highlights (12/10/2014)

Welcome to DTB’s honesty hour, where DownToBuck sits down with you and only tells truths. Today we’re talking about Denver Nuggets guard Erick Green.

Since we’re being honest here with no deception or lies, I have to tell you something: I was only vaguely aware of Erick Green’s being in the league before I made this video. I didn’t know what he looked like. I knew he was short but I didn’t know which position he played. Since I don’t follow college hoops at all, I didn’t even know if he was a high-volume scorer from a bad program or a low-volume scorer from a good program. I couldn’t, and still can’t, tell you where he was drafted.

Continuing the honesty theme, I think that, based on the flashes Erick showed me this game, that he could be an okay backup two-guard. He might stick around for a few years like Charlie Bell.

More hard-hitting honesty: I really wish I still had a GF even though I keep talking a big game about not needing women anymore. Also, anybody who goes to a restaurant and requests modifications to items on the menu is a world-class doucher. That’s just what I think.

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